Saturday, February 05, 2011

Two Years Without Kato

Kato & Baby Blake

Today two years ago Kato died, our first Great Dane. By us I mean Miron and me. Any other dogs in my life before Kato were my mother's responsibility. I wrote a big post about Kato and it just kept inflating to the point that I had to break it into chapters with lots of pictures. It would've been nice to have it ready for the second anniversary, but with the trip to Canada in the middle and other responsibilities I didn't really get the time to focus on it properly. Hopefully it'll be ready to share soon.

I haven't written about losing Kato until now because it was quite hard for me. The first few months without him were particularly brutal.

I still miss you dearly, Kato. Always will. Big doggie cuddles and kisses wherever you are.



Jeff and Kevin said...

So sweet how he was with your son. Very nice picture. I'm totally in love with our dog too. I can't imagine how tough it was losing yours.

Mark said...

That was very nice.
Your Friend, m.