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Fabtastic interview - Google Translate

I've been busy with tons of things so blogging wasn't a priority recently. To keep things alive I'll cut and paste the google translate version of my interview to an Israeli news website. My translation is at the previous post. Mine is more accurate, but the Google Translate one is more amusing...

Two and a Half Men: the comic series proud

Internet comics "overwhelming" number of families which have two fathers. An exclusive interview with comic creator says, Miki Blumenthal: "The most important message of 'stunning' is that the families of gay - lesbian is not so different from families Regulators

Honeysuckle Robinson | 03/03/2011 14:55הוסף תגובההדפס כתבהכתוב לעורךשלח לחבר
Has been a good few years we all know the nuclear family is not only father, mother, boy and girl. Enough to watch TV and see series like "modern family" to understand this. Today you can also put a "V" on the phenomenon of alternative comics families with the rise of a new Web site to air. Fabtastic "the Israeli version of English," stunning ", is an online comic tells the story of Daddy and Papa and their two children. Comic itself is a proud mother and an illustrator named Sally Ann Hickman Father writes the name of Mickey Blumenthal answered some of our questions. Mickey is an Israeli living in London for 14 years with the British partner. Sally is a good friend also donated his own personal angle to the story. 

How was the idea of ​​comics? "My husband and I talked about kids occasionally, but it was not all that different from making plans for winning the lottery. Not really thought it would happen to us. Then one day when the subject came to our good friend just offered us her eggs. Suddenly we were on the way to become parents and we began to discover material interest in young children. Probably all the books, films and television series for children presented normative families of Western white mother and father. to find children's book with gay parents - lesbianism is not possible in most bookstores, but also in web search I found only five such books . as the creator you are always looking for inspiration and it immediately gave me a desire to create something that my son can enjoy it when a little older. Meanwhile, Sally's brother and his partner have adopted a few years ago so that she was motivated to create something similar and immediately went about it. "

How did you meet Sally? "I met Sally in 1999 when we both learned animation university degree in England. She was a cute blonde with pink cookies seemed a veteran of the Spiderman comic herself as a character. Soon we had a click. Prior to graduation, we began to collaborate as a writer painter, and another student group we have established 'Cheese comics. originally printed brochures ourselves and sold them at conferences across the UK but it was expensive, exhausting and frustrating. We decided to bring all the material online and since then we concentrate on the Internet. one day we have more readers online than buying all the pamphlets printed so far . We are of course happy to print the 'stunning' as a pamphlet or book, in English or Hebrew, but not self-published. has been a full decade has a very special connection between us symbiosis that exists only between people who have worked a lot of time together. When I write a script for Sally's a completely different process than when I write something more general like a movie script. I can see the result at the top and try to set the directions in which Sally is strong. It's great that despite all this, she still manages to surprise me. " 

Not really thought it would happen to us. Miki Blumenthal and his partner with their son Charles Units''
What audience are you designating the "stunning"? "'Overwhelming' turns kids, but still contains jokes older readers can appreciate, maybe even younger. Big time I want to see the site's 'overwhelming' becomes a kind of portal in which parents are proud of their children (as well as parents and children 'normal') can find all sorts of stories, comics, games and activities from a variety of different artists depict the reality of gay families - lesbian. but you can harness the cart before the horse, so now we Focus on one comics.The most important message of 'stunning' is that the families of gay - lesbian is not so different so many ordinary families the following stories did not touch at all on the subject will engage much more mundane issues that every family deals with them. My personal motivation is to offer children and families of gay - lesbian fictitious world that reflects the reality that sells them. At the same time I also want children to ordinary families will read the comics and learn about the different families of their own. " 

Having manifestations of homophobia toward comics? "Thankfully not. But mostly because of the chance that important to me comic turn to everyone. It's not surprising that the Middle-age children tend to homophobia because for the first time they are exposed to the concept of 'gay' are in the middle of puberty and very sensitive topic. There would argue that it is not proper to show a pair of young children and that gay brainwashing. then argue. "stunning" is a comic quite conservative in terms of violence and sexuality. there's blood or sex, compared with other series that kids also see like The Simpsons. In addition, I also want to show gays and lesbians of all ages are not should give up the dream to start a family. " 

So that's why the decision to translate it into Hebrew? "Yes. That comics have some very important messages I reach a wide audience as possible. As an Israeli boy who was a closet gay enough I gave up on the idea ever have children. I want to show gay Cairim young and less so in that they actually can be parents if they really want. It also has lots of gay families - lesbians in the country. As someone who grew up in Israel is very important for me to reach this audience. In retrospect, I do not see why not translated all of my comics so far into Hebrew. "stunning" is my first comic book in Hebrew, if We do not consider all my crap childhood notebooks. If I was going to read comics like 'amazing' when I was buried deep in the closet, it would do me the period of youth is much more optimistic. " 

"Overwhelming", the first gay Israeli comics, can be read here: 

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