Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday Rebecca Black Birthday Extravaganza!

It is my birthday today (it is after midnight in Israel where I was born and currently stay) and it is so awesome that it happens to fall on Friday the same year the iconic song "Friday" became a YouTube sensation. 122 million views since February! To take it into perspective, Lady Gaga's huge hit "Born This Way" released later that month has only got 42 million views. It's huge and you must have seen it by now unless you live on the moon with no internet access (which you don't, since you're reading my blog on-line).

Where was I? Oh yeah, it's my birthday and it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

So forget about that couple of royal bores. If they had any sense of humour they would play Friday at the wedding. But they don't and they won't.

So to celebrate my birthday (have I mentioned today is my birthday already?) here is a Friday celebration to end all Friday celebrations. Catch up with the phenomenon with the ultimate collection of tributes and parodies, as well as the original hit that started it all, of course. Young Rebecca isn't the fool here. She is just a young girl having fun. The fools are us for turning a small vanity project into a world-wide sensation. Fun, fun, fun, fun!

Rebecca Black's Friday
Forget Thriller. This is now the most iconic music video ever.

Fantastic shot-by-shot recreation of Friday as a Star Wars song.

Bart Baker's parody might be crude for some. Gross out sexual humour.

Friday, as performed by Bob Dylan.

Awesome cover version by Epic Mullet Guy.

"iTr3vor" wrote the book on "Don't Give a Crap What Other People Think". Rock on!

The Midnight Beast trio is just weird and somewhat adorable. Great production values (balloons, bubbles AND a disco ball!)

Not amazing, but made me laugh out loud at least once, so it makes the cut.

Brandon Toy is sheer talent. Check out his other videos, especially Eleanor Rigby.

Matt Mulholland's suicidal emo version.

8 Bit Friday

Bad lip reading creates an utterly awesome song.

Short and cute.

Brock Baker's hilarious dubbed version. If only it was longer!

Another dubbed version by Josiah Brooks which is loaded with tons of great little touches.

This is not a parody, it only sounds like one. A live version of the hit song.

Utterly fantastic dub of the previous video by "The Zoup". Makes you think for a moment that it's real.

Sadie uses Friday to worship the lord, hallelujah. Almost as bad as the original with lyrics like "Can't forget my bible, God is my friend." Does NOT make church look cool.

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and even Taylor Hicks were never cooler. Truly epic.

Make your own Friday with this karaoke version! Yay!

There are a few more parodies and tributes that were OK, but I only posted the ones that made a real impact on me in either sheer talent or hilarity. Happy birthday to me, again. Feel free to leave links to additional Friday-related videos in case there are some hidden treasures I am not aware of and they will be added to my ultimate list.

Have a great weekend and remember that tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.



Mark said...

Happy Birthday to you!
And because it's your birthday, I'd like to get your permission to not watch any of those videos. Okay?
I do hope that you have the best birthday ever. I mean, how could you not being surrounded by friends and family. Good for you.
Now go to bed, get some rest and than party the rest of the day.
Happy Birthday!!!!
Your Friend, m.

Mickey said...

It's my birthday so you'll watch what I tell you to watch! What would you rather watch, the royal wedding?!

Oh, and thanks.

J and A said...

יום הולדת שמח!

Thank you for foisting that song on my virgin ears. I made it as far as the chorus. Now, I gotta run... my friends are outside kicking in the front seat, kicking in the back seat, and I gotta choose... which seat do I take?

Julie said...

Happy Happy FRIDAY BirthdaY!