Saturday, April 30, 2011

How Not to Break into the Comics Industry - Prologue

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Fabtastic is my latest comics creation, but I have a long history with the medium. I was drawing my own comics since I learned how to write. Sure, most of my “early work” is unintelligible, but it is there. Growing up I did not have much access to comics in Israel. American super hero comics were hard to get hold of and even if I could my English was not good enough to understand them. Only years later when I was nearing the end of my teens and with the Internet on the rise it was finally possible to order comics by post in Israel and all my repressed comics-deprived childhood was nourished. When I moved to London I could visit several comicbook stores on a weekly basis to get the latest books. Heaven.

The internet also introduced into my life message boards where I could finally find people to discuss my favourite books with. To make it even better, some writers and editors were joining in the discussion. It was unreal.

Over the next few years I relentlessly chased various comics creators and editors in an attempt to break into the comics industry as a writer. I will spoil the ending for you right now: I did not make it. On the other hand I collected quite a few little war stories to share when the time comes, and I think it just did. Nothing mind-blowing, but lots of mini-scandals, controversies and frustrations. I got the ear of many important people, but blew it. I was probably not ready. My English was still raw and so were my writing skills. This was before comics franchises became huge on the big screen. I am sure that now it is even harder to break in and with the exception of the occasional shot in the dark every few years or so, I have pretty much given up.

I get to create comics and reach a lot of people, but probably not as many as I would have liked to. Also, I am not making any money from it so I can not afford writing full time – now that would be a dream come true.

So here is the almost-full story of how I tried to break into comics and did not make it (with a sprinkle of Hollywood and literary frustrations). It is about the triumph of the human spirit over suckiness. Or something like that. My quest for comicswriterhood took me all over the world: from Israel to England to all over the USA and China. 

Actually my visit to China had nothing to do with comics, but it makes it sound more dramatic.

Let the name dropping begin!


Venom vs Spider-Man by Kenric Narbrough

I Prologue  I Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I

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