Saturday, June 11, 2011

14 Legged Videos

There were plenty of videos shared here over the last couple of years featuring all fourteen legs. Here are all the videos so far, so grab your popcorn for a Sunday marathon!

Chengdu, China 2007

Chengdu, China 2007 - 82k views on YouTube!

Baby Dexter with my mom's baby Minko

Blake's early swinging days

Making silly noises to make Blake laugh

The day after Blake's epic 1st birthday party

Playing hide and seek on a Los Angeles rooftop

Blake iPoding

Blake self-dunking in the water

Blake + Bubbles : What else do you need?

Blake shows off his reading skills at 2 years and 4 months

Blake and a snowball

Doggies in the snow

Blake is reading my hand written words

Blake has secretly filmed himself practising Itsy Bitsy spider

A proper performance of Itsy bitsy spider

Aye aye, Captain Blake!


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Mark said...

I just started looking and now the kids are screaming upstairs.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Good night! m.