Thursday, June 02, 2011

Busy times!

Happy belated birthday, Blake!

Blake's birthday was on the 23rd of last month and he is now three. I did not write about it on the blog because things were quite hectic and busy on our last couple of weeks in Israel before we headed back to the UK. This is not to say that I forgot his birthday. It is still too early for that. Maybe when he is eleven or twelve.

Not that remembering his birthday did him a lot of good. We were busy packing and moving stuff and the highlights of his birthday were riding Papa's shoulders to the post office and bank and then falling asleep on the carpet. Happy times. We had fun and cake later, though, so all is well.

The home baked cake was courtesy of Blake's godfather and his fiancée, Simon and Lauren (Lauren is Simon's fiancée, not Blake's), who came to stay with us in London right after we came back. So there were toys, cake, books and lots of cuddles, so please do not call child services on us. (the badly lit picture is courtesy of my iPhone)

I was so good starting to write regularly again in May and from abroad no less, but life as usually got in the way.

We did stuff over the first week back and on the first chance we got we drove to Scotland to pick up the dogs from the doggie farm they stayed at with a good friend and dog breeder. We left yesterday, stayed the night at a hotel and picked the dogs up this morning. Needless to say they were a bit happy to see us after two weeks.

Leo has magically jumped over a giant fence to get to us. I didn't see it happen, but it had to be that or some hidden teleportation power he keeps to himself. You could never guess he was almost six and after a major leg surgery. 

Actually we left them tied up in the garden with a big barrel of dry food and a big water bowl we hoped will be refilled with rain, but saying we left them with a friend sounds better.

So we're back. All five of us. Still busy, but hopefully I'll get to write more regularly now.


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Mark said...

Yes, I'm glad you're back. And sorry again that you missed "the wedding". I'm not sure if Marco has stopped crying yet from watching it. I take it he's very close to both of them.
Little Blakey is now three! Did he even know it was his birthday in Isreal? You will certainly have to post more often. I'm sure that there are 10,000 things happening with you that I need to know about. Take care. m.