Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Experi-Mental Evil

I'm not really a violent person in real life. Not that I don't have the occasional impulse to punch the occasional person in the face, but thankfully (or unfortunately?) I didn't have the pleasure to be in punching range under the right circumstances. We all have a violent little demon living in our bellies. I feed mine on  a steady diet of horror movies and violent video games (Dead Space 2 is fantastic!). I've never actually been in a real fight or punched someone. True story!

Most times the urge to punch comes when I'm on the computer reading the news. Then all I can do is just make a fist and try to make heads explode with the power of my thoughts (hasn't worked so far for the best of my knowledge - if the head of someone near you explodes while reading this blog post please notify me).

Anyway, here is such a story that makes me want to crush skulls with my bare hands. The story of Kirk Andrew Murphy, a perfectly lovely little boy who was put in experimental government funded therapy in UCLA to cure him of his "exaggerated feminine behaviour". In 2003 at the age of 38 Kirk has taken his own life. 

I know in my previous post I mocked the parents who raised their children "genderless", but this is the absolute opposite approach and I must tell you that it is a thousand times more harmful and dangerous.

The fact that there are religious nuts who are eager to brainwash and mess up children isn't shocking. It's the maddening fact that it was his mother who got in touch with those crazy people in order to "help" her child after she was worried about seeing him playing with girl toys. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. One can only imagine the guilt this mother feels for taking her son down that path.

Little Kirk
Watching the video and hearing about the emotional and physical torture, the helplessness of his older brother who did what he could to minimize the abuse, the sheer evil and pointlessness of it all. The thought of someone attempting to subject my son to something like that makes me realize that under the right circumstances I don't really know what I am capable of doing...

George Reker
The experiments were conducted by George Reker, the man who later became a founding member of the deranged, bigoted and evil Family Research Council. He made a career out of claiming that homosexuality can be cured. He was also outed when he was caught with a rentboy on his trip to Europe. He claimed he hired the rentboy to help him with his luggage. Well, you learn new euphemisms for sex every day...

This man is pure evil, subjugating young boys to experimental anti-gay therapy he knows is bogus as he indulges in sleazy sexual escapades. It's calculated fraud that destroyed who knows how many lives beyond Kirk's. To have this type of person lecture to me about family values is something I would say is somewhat annoying.

I'm not a violent person in real life, but if I ever meet George Reker in the street I'm going to punch him in the face so hard that he would be pooping his own teeth for days to come. It takes quite a bit of self control not to punch my monitor while looking his his vile smug little face.



Mark said...

But how do you really feel?
Yes, it's horrible. Let's hope that every day gets a little better for mankind. Beyond protecting our own children, we are helpless when it comes to watching out for other ones. I hope by adopting as many as I can, I can save a few.
Your Friend, m.

Mickey said...

I'm sure your children even now appreciate how lucky they are not only to get such two great fathers, but also each other.

The more the merrier, but I think you should stop somewhere at two digits.