Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Took You So Long, NY?

Yay for New York for legalizing gay marriage! It's still not recognized across state lines or on the federal level, but it's getting there slowly. The people who object to gay marriage are fighting a losing battle, like Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice and his fight against the enchanted broomsticks. America can't view itself as a world leader in personal freedom while picking and choosing exactly who gets to benefit from that freedom. Hey, it can't view itself as a leader full stop since it's been overtaken by so many countries already on that front.

I'm a bit surprised it took New York, the home of Sex in the City and Will & Grace, so freakin' long. It's 2011. we're less than four years away from the future in Back to the Future. Yes, in a few years Back to the Future 2 will be a movie about a guy who travels from the distant past to the more recent past and only now New York is getting on with the program. Like I mentioned earlier, I am not easy to please and I am not easily impressed by excessively delayed acts of common sense. Just like your university lecturer won't be impressed with your fantastic dissertation if it was submitted four years after the end of your course. So well done, New York, but you still get a note in your personal record for tardiness.

After getting married in Toronto and becoming parents Miron and I decided that we can't go backwards and live in a country where gay marriage isn't recognized. I'm not a huge fan of civil partnerships/unions when these are the only marriage alternatives for gays (as is the case in the UK), but it's the bottom line I'm willing to accept. Anything below that is unacceptable.  So does that mean New York is now an option for us? 

No, for two reasons.

For one thing gay marriage is still not recognized on the federal level, so we will both have to immigrate separately rather than as a married couple which is honestly not worth the bother. Secondly, while I love New York it is way too intense to live in on a regular basis. In my old age I yearn for peace and quiet.

Regardless, gay marriage in New York is a huge mile-stone for human rights and a great cause for celebration.

On a side note I'm going to surprise people and say that I am against gay marriage. It's true.

Well, against the term, anyway. It started to annoy me recently. When women finally got the right to vote their votes were called "votes", not "female votes". It'll be nice if we'll eventually stop referring to gay marriage as gay marriage and just call it... Marriage.

Maybe one day.

Anyway, next move on the gay agenda is to outlaw straight marriage so we could destroy the family institution and take over the world.



Mark said...

Well said Mickey! I mean, "written". Sorry about that.
I am just seeing this because I was on a vacation that wasn't. And as I mentioned to you last week or was it Saturday, thanks for breaking this NY new to me. Yes, this was a nice step but I need a giant leap. Immigration for same-sex partners would nice. You covered this all very nicely and I don't need to add anything else. No, I'm not just being lazy. Really, what else is there to say?
Your Friend, m.

Julie said...


Bill Dameron said...

Well said. I really hate it when the term "traditional marriage" is used. My marriage is traditional too. I married a man. I don't sleep with anyone else and I expect to spend the rest of my happy days with him.