Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who Loves You Most in the World?

I know who I love more than anything in the world. That's easy, it's Blake. Miron and I are perfectly OK with the fact that we both come second to him. Not only is he our son, I can also say objectively that he is also the most amazing little boy in the world. I am sure most parents will dejectedly admit that, yeah, my kid kicks their kid's ass at being cute.

Being cute (and full of Dim Sum) is very tiring.
The real question is, who loves me most in the world. Another easy question: my mom!

BZZZT! WRONG ANSWER! I have no doubt my mother loves a lot, probably as much as I love Blake. Blake also loves me and thinks I am way cooler than I actually am. It is safe to assume that my husband loves me too as I could not otherwise explain why anyone would live with me for fourteen years out of their free will (maybe he lost a bet or still trying to win one).

But if I need to measure who loves me the most in the world with the most intensity, then it's a no brainer. It's Leo.


I had several dogs in the past, both those raised by my mom and those raised by Miron and me. They all loved me, but not like that. Not like Leo. My mom's dogs loved my like a sibling since I didn't really feed or discipline them. Kato was a diplomat and if he had a favourite owner he never made it apparent which was quite remarkable. Dexter likes Miron a little more, partly because he can see that Leo has already "got" me and partly because Miron gives the best doggie butt scratches this side of the pond.

Blake and... I think Leo is somewhere down there too.
It used to be Kato and Leo and then Leo and Dexter. In both pairing I always loved Leo more. The reason for that is very simple: he needs more love. I don't know what about Leo made him this way, but the dog is immensely needy and neurotic. Seeing his desperation to be with me is flattering, but also a bit heartbreaking and overwhelming at times.

It got worse when we brought Blake back with us from Canada when he was only three months old. Leo was used to being the baby and he didn't quite understand why we were suddenly going crazy over another baby. A hairless one to boot! He would really go mad when we brought Blake into our bed and had a family cuddle. It was Leo's dream to sleep in our bed with us, one he gave up on when he realized it was never going to happen. At best he would rest his big head on the bed, offering it to be scratched, hugged and kissed. So to have this little human puppy arrive out of nowhere and claim that prize? Leo would run around the bed back and forth making bizarre and frustrated (though non-threatening) noises. Eventually he got used to the new reality and accepted it. In fact, now that Blake is older he is no longer seen as the competition, but rather another human to give him attention and Leo loves getting cuddles and kisses from Blake.

Sir Leo is waiting for his cup of tea.
Leo's anxiety is at its worst when we need to part for a long time, especially when it involves taking him away from his home rather than stay in our house with a dogsitter. 

Last summer he stayed with Dexter at a kennel for the purpose of training (waste of time and money) and he twisted his leg from excitement when we came to pick him up after five weeks and had a terrifying two minutes fight with Dexter when they both tried to hug Miron at the same time. 

Later that year, after a massive operation in his leg Leo had to stay at the vet for a few days after the wound got infected (the genius licked his butt and then licked off the bandage). When we picked him up he tried to jump and hug us, the worst thing to do in his condition, and we all had to try and push him down and keep him from jumping.

Leo's leg post operation.
When we came back from Israel last week we picked up the dogs from our breeder friend in Scotland. The dogs were kept separate in case they'll try to fight over us again, but by the time we got out of the car Leo was already in Dexter enclosure - the only way he could've got there was to jump over a massive six feet tall division. Not bad for a Great Dane who's almost six and had massive surgery in his leg...

The whole thing is much better now, though. Older dogs are calmer and more easy going. Leo is still not happy about us leaving the house and won't touch his food or water while we're gone, but the intensity of everything has gone down a bit and thank goodness for that.

The funny thing is, Leo is such an amazing dog. He's gorgeous and has the sweetest and most tender soul. He loves me so much and is so desperate for my constant affection, yet he doesn't really realize how lucky and honoured that makes me feel.

"Excuse me, sir. It's been five seconds since I
was loved. Can I have some more love please?"
I love you too, Leo. Look, I wrote an entire blog post that's (almost) entirely about you! Now chill out already!



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the real mia said...

Sir Leo on the couch! Funniest photo ever. I love it.

Julie said...

How can you not love someone so adorable? (I mean Leo!)

Mickey said...

Of course you mean Leo. I would never ever thought I was lovable...