Monday, August 29, 2011

Pictures and videos and stuff, oh my!

I've been busy and when I'm busy I often write less, especially when the stuff I'm busy doing doesn't quite translate into interesting blog posts. So first I'm going to inject some juice into this blog by cheating and post some Blake videos and pictures. I can play that card while he's still so young and cute. Also, these are probably some of the last videos and photos to be taken in London before we make our big move in three weeks.

Show me your teeth!
Night cam
One of the many self portraits Blake leaves on my iPhone
Open day at the local fire station
Fireman Blake to the rescue!
That how I roll!

Blake and Leo bonding over Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
A Great Dane's bottom makes for a comfy pillow
Sunday thoughts

Dexterose at night
Loshkin at night

A gorgeous rainbow spotted by Blake - two seconds later it was gone
And of course a couple of Blake videos will seal the deal to make it an awesome post. Far better than those lame posts where I just go blah blah blah about stuff nobody cares about.

There. I hope that keeps Blake's millions of fans happy for a while. I'll try writing a blah blah blah post soon.


1 comment:

Mark said...

Just you wait until Blake lands down on this side of the pond. He will be overrun with screaming fans. The Beatles got nothin on him!
p.s. I'm glad he's not in the closet. So very sure of himself.