Friday, August 05, 2011

The Winnipeg Chronicles

I haven't written much because I was very busy with several things I couldn't quite yet talk about publicly, but now I can, mostly, when everything is now set in motion.

I am now a Scientologist.

No, I'm not. Kidding. Calm down.

It was on the cards for a while, but this summer it is already happening. We are leaving London, England. To some extent we have already left, we just need to take care of some (many) loose ends.

"Where to?" You might ask. Well, it says so in the title, but I'll still give you a hint: it starts with Winni, ends with Peg and has lots of mosquitoes in the middle. At least that's what we were told - on our last visit I saw only two mosquitoes and one of them was dead. Blake was eaten alive by mosquitoes during our visit to Israel in April, but not even a nibble in Winnipeg. Odd.

I love Winnipeg, I really do. I even considered renaming the blog to "I F***ing Love Winnipeg!" to mark the big move, but decided against it, mostly because I only recently renamed the blog.

That's in Canada, in case you don't know. Manitoba province, to be even more specific. Stick around and you'll learn more about Winnipeg than you ever wanted or needed.

The three of us came back from a three weeks stay in which we moved into our new home and started settling in. Now we are back in London to wrap things up here before we move for good sometime next month.

When I left Israel for England it wasn't a big deal. I never planned to move to England, I only came over to visit Miron after I met him in Israel. It never crossed my mind that fourteen years later I would still be leaving with this guy I met in a pub and we would have three different dogs together, not to mention get married and have a child! I was fairly certain that we would have had fun for a few months and when the novelty worn off I'd be headed back home to Israel. I never actually made a conscious decision to leave Israel behind, my friends, family and life. It just happened this way.

But now it's a decision and a huge one. We are packing up our lives in the UK and leaving. Will I ever again live in London? Never say never, but I strongly doubt it.

This is no longer a plan. It happened. We have a home in Winnipeg and we got to live in it for a couple of weeks. It's a huge process which isn't over yet, we still need to make the final move and bring the dogs over, a huge undertaking on its own considering how big they are. Then the real adventure of adjusting to our new life begins, especially surviving the first winter. Good times ahead and plenty of things to write about. I just hope I could find the time!

Blake playing outside in our new street.



Mark said...

This means, at the drop of a hat, you could just pop in on me. Oh boy! I better get on my diet before you find out that I'm really 300 lbs. That's just great. Okay, maybe this one last oreo milkshake and that's it.
Seriously, I'm very happy for the both/all of you. Soon you'll be trilingual. Have you been practicing your Canadian? I am hardly even on F.B but I did see something about you moving to Canada. Please forgive me for not looking further into your Wall to see how/when/where/why and such. I'm just getting myself back to normal and on-line.
I can't wait to see all your new adventures. And seriously, if you make a vacation in NY or a place like that, I will try to come and visit you. As long as Fred approves.
Your Friend, m.

jon said...

Hope you guys and your family have a smooth adjustment. Best of luck for new beginnings.

Mickey said...

Thanks guys.

Yep, the move opens up North America for us, so that's exciting..!

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