Saturday, September 17, 2011

4-2 Days... The End is Near!

* Not sure what happened to the pictures in some of the earlier posts below this one. Thank you Blogspot!

Anyway, we're getting nearer to the big date. It's now Saturday evening. Tomorrow the dogs will be taken away at midday and will join us in Toronto next Saturday. We'll start packing like crazy as soon as the dogs are gone, say goodbye to some friends who will pop over, throw away the rest of the rubbish and have our friend take the last remaining bits of furniture and... That's it. Early Monday morning we're gone for good. Goodbye London! Goodbye Queen lady! Goodbye William and Kate! Goodbye Big Ben! Goodbye something or other.

Tonight I'll be taking the dogs out in London for the last time. We were very lucky to have a fantastic big park less than a minute walk from our front door. I take the dogs there every day after midnight and let them run free as there's no one else there that late. It's a shame I won't be able to do it in Winnipeg. We'll adjust. The dogs have no idea what's waiting for them, but that's for the best I suppose. They are hardier than I give them credit for and they've both survived worse. Regardless, being reunited with them next week, healthy and happy, will be such a relief.

The house is so empty and depressing now and I can't wait to get out of here. The hard part of saying goodbye to our home is behind us because this is certainly not our home any longer. Having a home waiting for us in Winnipeg, a home we already know and love, makes it all a tiny bit easier.

Last night we went to my favourite Japanese restaurant in London, Daruma San, with a few friends. I don't have too many friends in London, but those I do have are great friends and I realized how much I am going to miss them. In this day and age it's easier to stay in touch, but commenting on each other's Facebook status isn't quite the same as hanging out together. I will also miss Daruma San, the only restaurant I know that makes consistently perfect Ika Nigiri sushi that is slimy and melts in your mouth rather than the usual rubbery stuff you get anywhere else. Oh, and they make a great udon noodle salad. Oh God, I think I'm going to cry this is just so terrible. I'm going to cry into a pillow now. Bye!



The Queen Father said...

Dear Mickey!

I can't believe things have come around so quickly....
I belong to that bunch of shitty friends that won't see you on your way to a new life. But I hate goodbyes anyway, so you'll have to get over it and stop crying.
You know, in spite of the fact that we never really hang out often, knowing that you guys were in London made me feel in a way 'safe'. Safe to be what I am. A father and a husband. I always felt I could relate to you, that's why I reached out to you on the eve of us becoming parents, two years ago.... No man is an island and I needed that contact. I'm sure you understand. We never really discussed it, but thanks to you, Miron, and getting to know your family, my uncertainties and doubts have abandoned me.
Sometimes you do so much for someone, without even knowing.
Of course, it would have been nicer to get to know you better, to spend more time together with the kids, but we are always sucked up in our everyday life and all of a sudden you guy are leaving....
I remember the difficulties, the worries and the complications we discussed, but they are all behind you now.... Ahead is a bright path, a new home, a wonderful new country to explore. This is all so exciting!
As I am crap with goodbyes, and I hate them, I will only ask you to stay in touch a little. Perhaps with some updates on your new life once in a while. You have my email, I I got you on FB! We still have to finish that project on the comic strip remember?
Oh Mickey! My IT guru.....
I will treasure those DT disks you gave me...
See what I mean? I hate goodbyes because I get all queeny and soppy..... ;*0)
Wishing you all the luck, health and prosperity in the world!

I am sure that one day we will meet again!

Lots and Lots of love! See you guys soon and a big kiss to Blake!

Marco + Steven & Gabriel xxx

Not sure what else to write... I'm only sure that I have a lot more to say, but no words to say it... x

Mickey said...

Marco, you are soooooo lovely. I'm going to miss you and grateful to have you on Facebook and on your blog!