Friday, September 09, 2011

8 Days? Well, Not Quite.

This is a bit awkward. My awesome 10 days countdown has hit a little snag. I got it wrong! It's actually 10 days from now. Oh, well. It happens to everyone. Yes, it does. Now drop it.

I decided to get started with the attic today. The carpet in the living room has been steamed and rolled (could have saved time by steam-rolling it, but it didn't occur to me at the time) so there was room to start putting boxes and other stuff in. Blake, with his new found love for physical adventure, decided to follow me on the big long ladder to the attic. I watched with pride and terror as he was climbing up all the way to the attic without breaking even one neck! That's my boy!

Part of the mess - and this is after some work. You can see some floor!
Blake wandered around the crowded attic as I started sorting out what goes down first. I took down many boxes, but also some furniture, toys and other rubbish. Some of the furniture is nice, but even the rusty kitchen table and chairs set that we threw out to the skip outside the house was picked up by someone who thought it was nice enough. I kept taking things down since we don't really have much time left. On the one hand I could see more space clearing up in the attic, but on the other hand there was still so much more to take down. 

Eventually I decided enough was enough and took a break. I took Blake out in the afternoon to the park where I ran after him and played with him even though I could barely stand on my feet. So we took a break sitting under a tree and I told him his favourite story "Blake and the Balloons" (I might share it here at some later point, it's an amazing story about Blake and some balloons). On the way home we stopped at our local Tesco supermarket branch and Blake got to go on the Bob the Builder ride.

Then I transformed into a T-Rex and Blake rode on my back as I ran through the street biting people's heads off. It was a great bonding experience. Then I taught Blake the importance of friendship. We laughed heartily as we watched the emergency vehicles arrive with flashing lights and blaring sirens.

OK, so basically it was another busy, but not very exciting day. You can actually be very busy and very bored at the same time, depending on the task at hand. Can we get this over with? I'm bored with being bored in London. I am so looking forward to being bored in Winnipeg.


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Mark Himes said...

I came here looking for my tribute but I guess this is okay too.
So, it's still Day 10? Are you really leaving or are you only blogging just to mess with me?
Yep, it looks like you are going to have to move faster. Just work harder! You SAHMs are all the same. Just do it! I came up with that all by myself.
Happy Packing! m.