Saturday, September 10, 2011

9 Days, This Time for Real!

Today I removed more things from the attic and then when I could barely walk anymore I decided I was done for the day. Then I realized we don't have much more time left so I was actually not done for the day at all and I carried on taking more and more stuff. I should have kept count of the times I went up and down the ladder.

I said before that I looked forward to this because thinking about doing it was worse then actually doing it. Well, I was wrong. very wrong. 

Some of the bags I took down contained old blankets that belonged to Kato. Leo was very excited to rediscover the smell of his older brother who's been gone for over two years now. He sniffed the blankets and wagged his tail as he was shoving bags around with his nose to find more Kato smells.

It made him very happy.

I distracted Blake with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathons, but since I was taking things down for hours eventually he got bored and decided to join me. Since I was too busy to take him to the park today instead I let him go up and down the ladder as many times as he wanted. With me waiting upstairs and Miron waiting downstairs Blake rocked the ladder back and forth. He was quite good at not getting hurt, but he nearly caused me a minor heart attack when he decided to clap his hands in the middle of climbing the ladder to congratulate himself on his awesomeness.

I took almost everything entirely by myself. A few items I handed down to Miron and a few items Blake decided to throw down the hatch on his own accord, one of which was a bin basket which bounced unharmed off my noggin.

A lot of energy that could have been used on taking more stuff down was spent on entertaining Blake, but he loved the attic and had a great time and at the end of the day that is all that matters. I can just go to hell - which I would if I could walk!

I kept pushing myself more and more, knowing that what I won't take down today will still wait for me tomorrow when I have to finish with the attic and start packing. So I went on and on with short little breaks for lunch, Facebook and breathing. I would also occasionally wash my dark dusty hands even though I knew they'd get all smudgy and dusty again in seconds. I just found it all to be a bit too yucky (that's a scientific term).

Regardless, when I finally called it a day and looked at what I achieved I was quite pleased with myself and I was like "way to go, dude!". You can see the before and after pics. I estimate about two hours of work left at the attic which isn't too bad. I look forward to climbing down from the attic and shutting it for the very last time. That day would become a national holiday because I really did come to hate that attic over the last few days. Since we're moving from the UK to Canada I'm not yet sure national holiday of which country.

Here you can see the partial stack of boxes that made its way from the attic, to my study and into the living room where the carpet has been rolled away. I left the TV exposed so Blake could watch cartoons and play games with me (which means force me to play a racing game for his viewing pleasure).

Don't let the boxes deceive you: all of this needs to be repacked since these are not proper shipping boxes and not everything there is going. Some things needs to be thrown away or donated.

There are boxes and things everywhere and the dogs are quite confused. When we pack suitcases they realize we're about to leave and they get upset, but this was something they never encountered before. The attic contained stuff from the last nine years, long before either one of the doggies were even born, offering a huge variety of smells for them to explore. Exciting!

The skip outside of our house was half-empty up until today. Now it was so full I had to flatten all the big cardboard boxes and then jump on them. I was wearing only swimming trunks and shoes, I was a filthy mess and I was jumping up and down like a rabid monkey on heat. My neighbours are going to miss me.

And this is what used to be my study. It's full of boxes and my laptop is set up in the dinning room. So I guess I'm already done with that room. It's now officially a sorting room.

I think I actually lost some weight doing all that work. I also got utterly and totally covered in dust and God knows what else, I really don't want to know. Every time I washed my hands I marvelled at the "tan lines" at my wrists. 

My legs (and Blake's) obviously got the worst of it.  Even after a bath and aggressive scrubbing they are still a bit grey. I think the dust has been tattooed into my feet...

Blake also got some dust on him and wore it much better than me.

I had a nice big bath with Blake with lots of scrubbing and then we ordered in some Chinese food. Then to treat myself for all of my hard work I then sat down in front of the computer to work on my game design document assignment. After carrying down boxes, furniture and electronics all day long, typing away at the computer felt like a vacation!

More fun fun fun tomorrow!


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