Thursday, September 08, 2011

9 Days

Today I took Blake to the park as I have been doing every day for a while when it hasn't been raining. He has developed a new craving for running around and trying out everything in sight. It's an interesting change because up until recently he was only interested in the toddler swing. He'd be happy to swing for ten minutes and then go home.

Blake swinging, a long long time ago. Like at least a hundred years ago.

Now he often refuses to get on the toddler swing altogether and even when he does he gets bored since he is not in control. He prefers going on the slides. He started out with the small slide and a week later decided to upgrade to the big slide. It was a bit scary for me to see him scale the ladder on his own and I kept close enough to catch him, but he didn't even stumble. He also had no problems climbing down. I was quite impressed, but mostly because I still can't quite digest the fact that he is no longer a baby. He was sliding like an expert. No, seriously. I bet he'll kick your kid's ass at sliding.

Big boys' slide!

Today Blake homed in on the big boys' swing on his own, so I helped him get on and he was so excited and happy as you can see in the picture and videos. The fact that there was no support behind his back was scary and thrilling and he was a tiny bit nervous, but loved it and kept asking to get back on the big boys' swing. He then got a bit too comfortable and started experimenting with letting go of the swing... Or possibly he was just trying to give me a heart attack at the age of 33. Who knows.

Big boys' swing!

One peculiar thing he started doing in the playground was scream and run away any time other children got near him. I was a bit worried until I realized he was just being silly or even just a little bit of a snob, not wanting to mingle with all those dirty loud children. To be honest, some of those kids make me want to run away and scream. Blake also has a similar reaction to pigeons, craws and butterflies. At least he's totally fearless with big dogs. Well, not sure that's a good thing either. OH NEVER MIND, NEXT ITEM.

Rocking it!
We received quite a few boxes today and I was looking forward to starting to pack, but they were all huge and I think that if I filled one of them with books it will be too heavy to lift. So we'll see. My fingers are itching to pack just because I'm dreading it so much and want it to be over already.

With everything that is going on I am also working on a little freelance gig writing a game design document. Probably my last freelance assignment for a while since I have a full time job waiting for me in Winnipeg. It'll be quite interesting to be a working parent again. I was very lucky to spend over three years with Blake as a full time parent for the most part (I did teach part-time for two years), but I think it'll be good for both of us to spend some time apart. Oh, who am I kidding?! I'm going to miss him so much. I'll be one of those obnoxious people with hundreds of pictures of their kid all over their desk.

Since finishing watching The Shield I've started watching X-Files from the beginning. I only watched the first couple of years (nearly 20 years ago!) and not very regularly so I decided to just watch the whole nine years plus two movies back to back. It's going to take a while!

The dogs will be picked up a day before we leave London and will join us in Toronto a few days later. Dexter is a sturdy youngster, it's Leo we're worried about. The silly pooch has a stupid nervous habit of licking and biting his paws until they bleed and I had to bandage them several times over the last few weeks. He is extra nervous as he can sense that something is going on. I am fairly sure that he will survive the trip intact, but I still worry. It's going to be quite a shock to see the house empty and then the two of them being taken away from the house in someone else's car without us. Oh well, it has to be done.

That's about it. More fun and excitement awaits me tomorrow. Oh, can someone just please kill and resuscitate me when we're in Winnipeg already?


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