Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last Few Hours

This morning I rushed to the supermarket to buy some dog food to give to the people who were taking the dogs. Leo eats very badly when away from home and I wanted to tempt him with some yummy tripe. When I got home the guy with the van was already here so I had to rush and get all the dogs stuff and then the dogs. Poor puppies got so excited, thinking we were all going for a car trip together, but then they were put in small-ish cages and were taken away without us. We were so worried! I almost cried. 

Well, I cried, OK? I  thought to myself: what if something goes wrong and this was the last time I saw Leo?

Later we got a phone call to say they were OK and then an e-mail with many photos. They weren't super happy, but they weren't miserable either, sniffing around and checking their new temporary hangout. I won't be really relaxed until we are reunited with them, healthy and happy, on Saturday in Toronto before we drive on to Winnipeg.

Here are the pictures. They were taken shortly after the dogs arrived at the kennels.

We were silly and we had the skip removed yesterday only to realize we still had so much junk to get rid off. Thankfully our pal Pavel the Marvel and his magical van came to the rescue. The last couple of days were spent getting rid of stuff and by now the house is practically empty. Even our bed is gone and we're spending the last night on a mattress - that is assuming we'll get any time left to sleep. It's ten twenty and we still have a lot to do. 

Around lunch time my pals Kenric and Janey dropped in, even though I've just seen them for dinner on Friday and also a surprise visit from my friend Louise. Pavel's sister Mariana came to cook for us a delicious goodbye meal and it was great fun: we had almost no plates left so we used a mixture of random plates, mostly ones belonging to Blake and we managed.

In the evening Sally, Paul and Yoe dropped, more dear friends. Even though the wise thing was to give them a big hug and send them on their way, we instead ordered pizza and ate it like pigs because by then we had even less plates and cutlery. It was great fun, especially with Blake who got to give lots of kisses and cuddles and play many games with many cute girls. Now they're gone, all of them. I'd be sad, but I'm still waaay too busy. I'll be sad tomorrow.

Lots of great new photos, but that'll have to wait until I get a card reader for our Sony Cameras.

Tomorrow is the last morning in London...

Back to work now!



Mark said...

I'll be thinking about your dogs and sending good thoughts! A few years ago, we moved from California to New Jersey, and we drove because I was terrified about putting the dog on an airplane. Obviously driving isn't an option for you, so I feel your pain.

Mark Himes said...

Well this is it. I wish I could have come over to join you folks for your last meal and to give you encouragement, but I guess that doesn't make sense, does it.
I also wish the best for your dogs. I know our oldest one wouldn't make at all. In fact, I'm not sure if he'll make the month out here sleeping in the living room. He's getting pretty old. I'm glad that they are in the hands of professionals.
Have a great day, Mickey!