Sunday, October 09, 2011

Go Jets Go!

Our move to Winnipeg essentially started when we came for our first exploratory visit in January. Another event that took place earlier this year is the glorious rebirth of the Winnipeg Jets. Check out the full story on Wikipedia, as my summary will probably be inaccurate and dull - and it doesn't matter.

We followed the story with interest and unexpected patriotism, even when it still wasn't 100% certain we were going to move to Winnipeg. We waited with bated breath for the announcement of the new name and then equally thrilled to see the new logo. 

In a few short hours the Winnipeg Jets will make their return to the NHL facing off against the Montreal Canadiens. I'm actually sort of excited!

What's the big deal? Well, I need to go back and share my personal history with team sports.

I have none.

I wish I was into it. It cost me a lot of valuable bonding time with my dad who used to religiously follow basketball games with my older brother. I tried a few times to watch those games, but they were so boring. A bunch of guys running back and forth on a court throwing a ball around. Growing up in Israel you pretty much had only basketball and soccer and I couldn't care less about either as spectator or participant.

I suspect that I might have shown a bit more interest in North American sports if I had access to them. Football and Hockey are violent and intense and while baseball is mind numbingly boring, they get to wear the sexiest outfits and most of their "moves" involve sticking their butts out in one way or another. Also, there's always a chance of seeing an audience member get hit in the face by a rogue ball.

Once I knew my unborn child was going to be a boy I knew that I would have to get into whatever sport he was into. That is actually, and you're reading about this here for the first time, the real reason we moved away from England. If we stayed in London I'd be forced to get into soccer and David Beckham and all that nonsense and I thank God, Allah and the Care Bears that this is no longer going to be the case. Here in Winnipeg we have the Jets and the Bombers (Football) and I can live with either. 

A bunch of big hot guys knocking each other's teeth out. Nice.

So I'm ready to watch my first ever full hockey game - albeit on TV. I just need to check the basic rules and terminology of the game on Wikipedia so I'll be able to shout the right things at the screen.

Testosterone levels... Rising!



Jeff and Kevin said...

I'm totally watching the Jets / Patriots NFL football game right now and saw this and was all, Mickey's into football??? Cool!
Welcome to North America. We have this new type of football your son is gonna LOVE :) Less abs and armani underwear adverts and more bone crunching tackles. Sorry Beckham is weak ;)

Mark said...

Better you than me. That's all I have to say.