Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jew Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Religious nuts are not a new thing. There are many people who are obsessed with their religion and their own take on morality and do whatever they can to impose that view on anyone else around them. Any objection to that will bring upon outcries of intolerance and bigotry towards the religious people and their "way of life". The fact that their "way of life" is based on bigotry and intolerance is irrelevant to them.

The story of the little girl from Beit Shemesh in Israel who's been bullied by adult Ultra Orthodox Jews for apparently dressing up immorally has made headlines all over the world. Google Beit Shemesh if you want to learn more about it, I really don't want to get into details. This specific story does not really matter. There are many stories like that all over the world across all religions. It's not a Jewish thing, or a Muslim thing or a Christian thing.

It's a religion thing.

It's the unavoidable self righteousness that comes with following a religion and patting your self on the back for doing it right, which leads to looking outside and seeing the people who haven't "seen the light" yet and making sure they do. Because if God exists and you're following the "right" religion "correctly" it is surely your duty to bring more people into the fold or die (or kill) trying.

I am not putting all the world's problems on religion or even nationalism. If I clicked my fingers and made religion and nationalism cease to exist I don't think all the world's problems will be solved, but I wonder just how many things will cease to be an issue any more.

These people are not giving Jews or Israelis a bad name, they give all of us, humans, a bad name.

I don't have any answer and solutions, so instead I do what I do best. Point a finger and laugh at the stupidity of stupid people.

One must wonder why anyone would think a seven year old can dress sexy. After all, if you're right in the head, there is absolutely nothing sexy about a seven year old child, no matter how much skin they show. Which raises more questions about the Ultra Orthodox community than anything else. Looking at Ultra Orthodox publications there are many troubling examples of censorships that indicate a deep rooted problem with these people's perception of sexuality.

A wedding photo with the bride and her mother pixelated out (I assume) to prevent men from masturbating to it.

The original picture on the left portrayed the baby sticking his bottom in the air seductively and showing too much skin. It was amended by making him sit down on the floor and covering his feet with longer socks. For what it's worth I think the amended picture is still too sexy. Maybe throw a blanket on him with holes for the eyes?

A picture of a doll has been blurred to combat any impulses of impure thoughts.

The original is on the right, in case you have a problem figuring it out. Apparently the eyes are too "playful" on the picture on the right. To be  fair, I can see that. The man is obviously looking to get laid with his "come to bed" eyes and trying to put snacks in your mouth - typical "stranger with candy" scenario.

Try figuring out which picture is the amended one and why. I will give you a hint: the right to bare arms does not apply to red phone-houses.

Ha ha ha. That was funny. We all had a good laugh. Now lets remember that real people made these changes in the name of morality - and cry.


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