Friday, December 09, 2011

One Million Morons

I mentioned in my previous post my delight at the fact that many homophobic organizations decide to stick the word “family” in their title. Most notably Family Research Center and American Family Association. In those cases the word “family” is usually code for “we hate fags”.

The other day, thanks to Reddit, I stumbled onto 1 Million Moms. Seemingly yet another website for mothers to hang around at and bitch about post-pregnancy weight and ungrateful husbands. Instead I was directed to a story about a Macy’s employee being justifiably fired after discriminating against a transgendered customer followed by a call to action to harass Macy’s upper management. I am not even going to get into the details of this stupid story. I am glad this woman got fired and good for Macy’s for protecting human rights. Next time I’m in New York I’ll stop by to buy some overpriced crap in support.

OMM’s website is basically the Supergirl/She-Hulk/Spider-Woman version of the AFA website: the same hateful religious propaganda, only with a vagina.

Who cares, they can overdose on their own bile for all I care. I can’t let it get to me, so I let it go.
But one thing did get my attention: the pictures used on the website.

At the top right of the screen are three small pictures showing three different sets of mothers and their offsprings. They all look so beautiful and lovely. They look like good and loving people with warmth in their eyes and genuine smiles. How can they support the hateful and intolerant goals of OMM by posing for them?

They don’t.

Thanks to Google Image search you can now drag pictures right into the Google search bar and find similar pictures. Doing that revealed that all three are stock photos of utterly random models. For all you know they might be great supporters of LGBT rights or even gay themselves!

This is not the first time something like this is happening (most notably Herman Cain's "Women for Cain" website featuring stock photo supporters). More and more morons use stock photos in their website to create the illusion that beautiful people support their cause. If school taught me anything it is that beautiful people know their stuff and are the ones to follow.

It just makes me wonder if these women even know they are featured as “supporters” of OMM and what would their reaction be if they found out.

Mine would be somewhere along the lines of uttering a few expletives and throwing up a little inside my mouth. Then maybe some cathartic crying, but without overdoing it.

I guess the real AFA supporters are wretched and bitter balls of misery and they would not be able to muster genuine warm smiles even if you told them all the gay people in the world were shot into space from a giant cannon.

When you are so busy hating others so intensely, such pure and joyful smiles are simply impossible.

It makes me almost feel sorry for those AFA and OMM creeps. 

Almost. They are still douchebags.



Mark said...

I'm pissed. No organization has ever used a photo of my beautiful face. Who do I write to to make that happen?

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