Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Slow News Year

I haven't been writing too much this year, mostly to avoid repetition and writing posts that are too similar to previous ones. Leo is still limping, Blake is still incredibly adorable, Winnipeg is still cold but awesome and there are plenty of homophobes out there in the world being idiots. Cut and paste. The downside of having a blissfully boring life is that it doesn't make for exciting blog writing.

So here's a photo of Blake and sled, his daily commute to his nursery school. Hopefully this will do until inspiration strikes again.



Michael's surrogacy Journey said...

No matter how small your post is I enjoy reading it, It gives me hope of what to look forward to having.


Mark said...

Yep, that photo works for me.
Listen, you should do what I do. I take an hour and stretch it into three or four paragraphs. Works for me!
I'm happy that all is going well.

Jeff and Kevin said...

No one shovels the sidewalk??? They give you a $50 ticket in DC if you don't shovel the walk in front of your house. Maybe we're just more uptight than you crazy Canadians...